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Unique Recycled Wearables by Kaylie Miller

Catching Up!

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Hello friends!

Things with Lost Cause Revival (and life in general) have been rather crazy, so this post will be mostly my attempts to catch up!

Since my last post in March (oy vey), Lost Cause Revival has had a few fun/awesome developments.

In April, I met with my lovely model Lydia to photograph some recycled plastic jewelry.

This funky mosaic necklace is recycled from used gift cards!

This funky mosaic necklace is recycled from used gift cards!

During the shoot, I accidentally hit a setting that recorded footage between every photo I took (as long as I didn’t turn it off). The result was this fun unintentional behind-the-scenes video.

All of this batch of quirky jewelry is handmade from various types of plastic from gift cards to shampoo bottles. Everything is available in the Etsy shop now.

Also in April, I applied for Lost Cause Revival to be a vendor booth at a huge event in my area, the Madison Street Festival. This month, I got the email saying that I was accepted as a vendor!



I’m so excited that Lost Cause Revival will be in a craft festival for the first time ever! I’m looking forward to meeting interested people face to face, seeing people’s reactions, and really introducing Lost Cause Revival to my local community. I can’t wait to design my booth and set that up, either. It’s going to be crazy getting preparations ready, but I can’t wait.

Here are some photos of some new items I’m considering bringing to the festival:

belt loop

These barrettes are recycled from denim belt loops!

These flower hair accessories are made from fabric scraps, belt loops, and vintage buttons.


These quirky pendants are made from bottle caps, polymer clay, recycled wire, and various other upcycled doo-dads.


A fairly recent (meaning yesterday) development is one I was unaware of to begin with. While checking Lost Cause Revival’s stats, I saw that there was traffic coming in from some sources I hadn’t spotted before. Upon further investigation, I found that some of my computer key pieces were featured on several sites.

These computer key earrings were featured on a list of geeky earrings!

This CTRL ALT DELETE necklace was featured with many ideas on how to upcycle computer keyboards. 

They are both still available in the Etsy shop. 🙂

Thank you for keeping up with my late rambles and updates. I hope to get better about keeping things here regular as I had planned.

Until next time,



Author: lostcauserevival

Hi, I'm Kaylie. I am an enthusiastic young designer with a passion for recycling. I find potential in objects considered to be "lost causes" and transform them into wearable works of art. I see potential where others see a dead end, and creating a piece out of something destined for a landfill (or the back of a closet) fuels my creative energies.

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